Laurie Nybo is Septembers Photographer of the Month

My name is Laurie Nybo and I have been interested in photography for many years.  I would have to say my favorite type of photography is wildlife,  I started out with birds and eventually have been able to capture some larger wildlife as well.  Like most photographers I love going on road trips in hopes of capturing something new and exciting.  For me photography is like therapy, I love getting out with nature and enjoy what is around me.  I have mainly kept my photography just as a hobby and have recently bought a wide angle lens and will dabble in some night photography.  Food photography is my newest adventure and at this time that is the only social media account I have with my photography.  I hope to find more time to get out with my camera and perhaps will start to share some on other social media sites.  Always looking forward to learning more about photography.
Instagram  @lazyketophotography

May 2019 Club Meeting

     This week we went outside for a photo scavenger hunt. The following are the ideas that we had to find and take photos of:
  • Letter P
  • Reflection
  • Sprinkler
  • Dandelion
  • Grain
     We also decided as a club that we are going to have a June meeting at Police Point Park and have a bigger scavenger hunt there. Weather depending of course.
     Lastly we looked at our showcase photos for may with a theme of Back Yard/Back Alley. Below is a link to the submitted photos.