February 2014 Photo Club Meeting

Meeting Hi-Lites:
     With Shauna away on holidays, DeVaughn started the meeting with some club news and notes. We also had a new member at the meeting by the name of Les.
     Brenda then showed off a great slide show of some of her work that she does for stock photography. She explained what stock photography was and that pictures of food was one of the most common shots.
     We learned from the presentation the amount of time and effort it can take to just get one shot. Also the amount of different props a person can need for this type of photography.
Food Photo Shot:
     Club members brought their cameras this meeting to learn how to take pictures of food including cookies, donuts, nuts, and jelly beans.
     Brenda started out the shooting with a set-up to explain how she approaches such shots. This included how to organize the subject you are shooting and then how to light it. After that members went around to do their own shooting.
     Once again it was a great informative meeting.
Show Case Photos for February
     We had seven entries into this Months showcase. DeVaughn took first place with her entry. Second place went to Brenda Carson and  third went to Angie Cramer. All photos can be seen under the show case section to the right of the web page.
March Showcase theme is Food As Art
Please e-mail your entries to:
Remember to name your photo. If you could submit them with a size up to 2200 on the long size and a DPI of 240.
”Happy Shooting”