May 2014 Meeting

Meeting Hi-Lites:
    Tuesday’s meeting started with the clubs first elections. There were a couple of changes to the board. Here is a look at the 2014/2015 Southern Exposure Board:
  • President – Shauna Fockler
  • Vice President – Collin MacDonald
  • Treasure – Brenda Carson
  • Secretary – Rob Kayfish
  • Membership Exec – DeVaughn Squire
     The club was then shown a presentation from Clay, and his wife, of their trip to Africa. They treated the club to coffee and snacks, and also a presentation of where they went on the trip. During the presentation they explained what camera, and lens they used for certain situations. 
Show Case Photos for April and May
     After the presentation we looked at the showcase photos from both April and May. The pictures were then voted on and the results as followed.
1st – Heaven Sent {DeVaughn Squire}
2nd – Meadow Mist {Doug Etherington} and vhawhuumm {Collin MacDonald}
3rd – Ghost of Waterton {Paul Avery}

1st – Heals in Motion {Doug Etherington}
      - Into the Unknown {Shauna Fockler}
2nd – Into the Light {Collin MacDonald}
      - Highway to Heaven {Karen Hepner}
      - Spring Morning {Paul Avery}
3rd – Dream with All {DeVaughn Squire}