May 2015 Meeting

Tonight was the last Club meeting till September.

The evening started out with the club going out side and shooting Forced Perspective. It was a great evening for some out side photo shooting.

Next the club had our Annual elections. The following are the results:

  • President - Collin MacDonald
  • Vice President - Julie-Ann Strilaiff
  • Past President - Shauna Fockler
  • Treasurer - Karen Hepfner
  • Secretary - Rob Kayfish
  • Director - Brenda Carson
  • Food Committee - DeVaughn Sqyire
Next was a presentation on the WiFi capabilities of the Canon 6D. Here we learned how we can control the camera via Wi-Fi with a app on either a phone or tablet.

Next Angie gave us a demonstration on using a painters pole to raise your camera for a different perspective. A person can pick up a painters pole at any hardware store where painting products are sold. the attachment for the camera can be found at Pole Pixie.
Here is more of a write up on Pole Aerial Photography.

Last we had our showcase photos. Dianne Finch won first place for her Coulee View photo, while Cecil Finch took 2nd place with his photo titled Thai - Light.

Septembers Theme is "Fake is the new real"

Send your entries to:

Please title your picture and size it to 2200px on the long side with a 240dpi.