November Club Meeting 2015

     Tonight's meeting was the last one for 2015. In this meeting we had a couple of different creative ways of doing photography.
     The first one was with use either a magnifying glass, or a magnifying sheet. Either option will give you a cool way of doing macro photography. The magnifying sheet can also be used for doing "warp perspective" by putting the sheet in front of the lense and bending it for different effects.
     Next Julie-Ann gave us a demonstration on lens whacking or free lensing. Also another method called reverse lens macro. This when we remove the lens on our DSLR camera and turn it around for a very shallow depth of field and a macro effect.

     It was then time for our showcase. Below or the results. All pictures entered can be found in the showcase photo section to the left of the page.

  • 1st place is Lady and the Gramp by Doug Etherington
  • 2nd place is Two Ladies by DeVaughn Squire
  • 3rd place is New Life with Fungi by Isabelle Gavey

Our next showcase theme for Janurary is Joy To The World.
Entries can be sent to
Remember to name your photo and they can be sized to 2200px on the long side for a 240DPI

Upcoming Themes:
  • Jan - Joy To The World
  • Feb - Love is in the Air
  • March - Pets
  • April - The seeds of Life
  • May - Puddle Jumping
  • Sept - The Past
  • Oct - Halloween
  • Nov - Gobble/Gobble
Happy Shooting!!