August 2017 Photographer of the Month Doug Etherington

My passion for photography started when I was a young boy many years ago. At the tender age of about 6 years old (back in the 60's) I was given one of those Kodak Instamatic cameras by my Mom and Dad. It came with a roll of film with 12 photos.  If you loaded the film correctly you could get 13 photos if you were lucky. I can remember my first roll and some of the photos I took around our yard. I wish I had kept those photos just like I wish I had kept the first dollar I had ever earned while working for someone.

I would take the completed exposed rolls of film to the drug store and had to wait a week until my pictures returned.  The most exciting part of the process was that each time the pictures returned, a fresh roll of film was included which always made me excited to take more.  That desire to 'take more' just hasn't gone away.

Fast forward to today and technology has certainly changed photography by leaps and bounds, but the 'desire' to get out and take photos has not changed at all. All these years later the passion is still there for me!