Dec 2016 Photographer of the Month DeVaughn Squire

Biography of DeVaughn Squire

Prairie raised, and motivated by her passion and enthusiasm for photography, and wildlife, DeVaughn, spends countless hours exploring and hiking the wilderness areas of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, where she resides.  DeVaughn frequently travels throughout Alberta and  ventures to her native province of Saskatchewan, where she grew up on a grain farm near a small prairie town in the 1960's and 70's.

DeVaughn's favorite subjects to photograph are wildlife, insects, old farmsteads, vintage automobiles, horses, and anything else that speaks to her of life on the prairies, past and present. She has an eye for composition and isn't discouraged by the occasional encounter of rattle snakes, swarming mosquitoes and wood ticks. With winter comes frigid cold temperatures and snow, which can be challenging, but rewarding to the photographer who is driven to capture the splendor and beauty of the snow dusted prairie landscape.

DeVaughn has developed many skills using various photoshop programs.  She is constantly evolving as an artist/photographer. She has been a member of both local photography clubs for years (Medicine Hat Photography Club, and Southern Exposure Photography Club), and is grateful for the information, opportunities and friendships she's acquired.

Being surrounded by such rich history, vast landscape, and nature, DeVaughn is motivated to document the beauty of her ever changing prairie playground in a way that evokes her love for life.