Feb 2017 Photographer of the Month Paul Avery

My passion for photography probably began as a young kid watching my Dad capture all of those great black and white moments of our family.  We grew up on the shores of Rock Lake in southern Manitoba so the outdoors and photo opportunities were never too far away.  I still love watching those black sky thunderstorms moving down the lake getting ever so close to where we are watching from.  I enjoy all kinds of photography from travel shots to people shots, but still spend most of my time seeking out that perfect landscape when the light is just about perfect.  It would be nice to have a few more lenses but for now it’s probably more important to get up before the sunrise and occasionally stay up a little later and maybe catch those elusive northern lights.  I have been part of the Southern Exposure Photography Club for a few years now which has brought me a lot of new skills along with some tricks to try.