February Club Meeting 2016

     The meeting started with introductions of a couple of new members to the club.
We then went through the hi lights of the nights meeting, which included a "Photographer of the Month" being added to the website.
     Shauna then showed off a new portable printer that can be taken on a shoot with you to print pictures right on scene. there are a few manufactures that make his printers including:
     Brenda and Julie-Ann then went through a studio lighting set-up. The demonstration included different sizes and shapes of soft boxes. They can range from a 24" square soft box, to up to a 60" octagon. The larger the size of the soft box the softer the light can be. They also discussed different poses for your model and how you can help your model through the shoot by placing them in different positions. Also having a great communication with your model so she stays involved and also when you would like to get into "Their Space" for a close up shot.
     The discussion then turned to model releases and contracts. These are great way to help protect the photographer and their rights to the photo, and also the model will know her right to the photos.

     We then took a quick break for coffee, and then was treated to a great slide show by Karen of her trip to Alaska.

     The evening then wrapped up with our monthly showcase. The results are as followed:
  • 1st place to Shauna for "Sealed with a Kiss"
  • 2nd place to Brenda for "Eternal Love"
  • 3rd place to Olivier for "Horses Love"
  • All feb showcase photos
Our March Showcase is "Pets" . You can send your entry to:
Remember to name your photo and if you could resize it to 2200px on the long side.