March 2017 Photographer of the Month MaryAnn Westgard

 I have always had a creative side to my nature, but it wasn't until retirement that I discovered what I was really passionate about and that is photography. The idea that you can freeze a moment in time that will never be there again that exact same way fascinates me immensely. I love nature in all its glory and find myself so immersed in it at times, taking pictures of the most insignificant things that usually go unnoticed.
     It is a fascinating time to be alive, with all the opportunities we have and all the great photography equipment we have at our finger tips, it allows for even more ways to be creative.The world has so much to offer, the subjects are endless.
     When I am no longer physically able to go out and shoot, I will still have a storehouse of photos and memories to look back on.
     I have been involved with Southern Exposure Photography Club since its conception and have so enjoyed meeting with these great people whom are so like minded. We meet in a very relaxed atmosphere, where we can exchange ideas which continue to motivate us to pursue out passion even more.