April 2016 Meeting

     Aprils meeting started with a great discussion on different ways to focus with our cameras.
The first technique we discussed was using back button focus. This takes the AF from the shutter button to a dedicated AF button on the back of the camera. This can make focusing easier when taking pictures of moving subjects as in sports. This in combined with tracking focus can result in great action shots.
     The next photo technique we discussed was panning. This is when you follow a moving subject taking multiple shots. Using a slower shutter speed like 1/60 this will give your picture a sense of motion in the background yet leaving the subject in focus. Below is an example of this technique:

     We then moved on to our showcase. This meeting we did both the showcase for March and also April. The March theme was "Pets" and Aprils was "Seeds of Life"
The top 3 for March were:

1st - Play Time
by Doug Etherington
2nd - Wee Lady in Red
By Brenda Carson
3rd - Snow Plow
By DeVaughn Squire

The top 4 for April were:

1st - Bee Mine
By Dianne Finch
2nd - Hope For another Year
By MaryAnn Westgard
3rd - 1000 Seeds
By DeVaughn Squire
3rd - Strange seeds, Indeed
By Collin MacDonald