May 2016 Club Meeting

     This was the last meeting before our summer break. Though we will not have another official club meeting until September, the club still has some activities for the summer coming up.
     On June 12 the club will be shooting the SPCA dog Jog down in Kin Coulee Park. Since the weather was bad for this months club meeting activity, we are going to try and arrange a Saturday to meet and try to do the Pan and Zoom.
     There are also some themes for the summer to shoot:
  • Landscape Down Low
  • Landscape Abandon
  • Bad Weather
  • Forms and Nature
  • Long Exposure
  • Rust and Ruin
  • Reach for the Stars
  • Best Friends
  • Little Creatures
  • Sweat Treats
  • Bird's Eye View
     Our meeting started with Shauna showing off some new lights and also some canvas paper that can be used in a standard printer. After that Rob showed off a GoPro camera and some different attachments including one for your chest, head and bicycle. Also how he used a tripod mount to mount the GoPro to an R/C car.
     Next came the elections. The following are the results:
  • President - Shauna 
  • Vice Julie-Ann
  • Director - Tom
  • Treasure - Karen
  • Secretary - Rob
     We than worked on our Pan and Zoom activity. Since the weather was not co-operating we did some in side shots, and some members braved the outdoors and shot an R/C car in motion.
     Last was our showcase for photos. We had four winners with a tie for 3rd. results are below.
All the entries can be found here: May Show Case Photos
1st place Oops By MaryAnn 

2nd Place Adult Pudddle by Olivier
3rd - Three Birds
3rd - That was fun by Paul