Oct 2016 Club Meeting

     The meeting this month was about trying to save money on photography gear. We took to making snoots and snoots with grids out of either heavy construction paper, or cardboard from cereal boxes.
     The snoots we made are to put on a external flash so it directs the light from the flash to a very specific location on the subject. We also used straws to make a grid that we even make the light even more direct. After we were done manufacturing the snoots we did some test shots just to show the difference of using a single light source with different light modifiers.
     After that we went on to the showcase with the theme of Halloween. Below are the top three entries.
Tied for 1st - You Saw Nothing by Brenda Carson

Tied for 1st - Peeking out the Window by DeVaughn Squire

3rd - Nuns by Doug Etherington