Feb 2017 Club Meeting

This Months meeting was all about macro shooting.
     First though we started the meeting with introducing new members to the club. We also discussed having photo displays at London Drugs, and that members can sign up to have there photos displayed in the store.
     It was then off to shooting Macro. We first started off by discussing different equipment that can be used, and also different ways to light the subject that we are shooting.
     The best way to shot a macro subject is with a dedicated macro lens. If a person does not have one though, lens extensions will work well also.
     To finish off the night we had out photo show case and the theme for February was "Black, White, and Red". The top 3 photos as voted on by the club members are below. To view all the photos from the showcase follow the link February Show Case Photos.
     The theme for march is "Go Green". All submissions can be sent to robkayfish@gmail.com Just remember to name the photo or put the name in the email.
Below is the list of the upcoming themes:

  • March - Go Green
  • April - Water Droplets
  • May - Floral Creativity
  • September - Beautiful Blur
  • October Spectacular Color
  • November - Something Old
  • January Hoar Frost
1st Place Bewitching by Brenda Carson
Classy Keyboard by MaryAnn Westgard
Howdy Partner by Karen Hepfner