March 2017 Club Meeting

     At this months meeting we had the cameras out again, and this time we were taking pictures of rainbows. Not the rainbows you find outside, but the ones we created using a compact disk, flash lite, a white board and a dark room. It worked well in groups with one person holding the disk, while another one  shining a lite off the disk on to a white board to create the rain bow. This gave an opportunity for others to take a photo of the rainbows we created.
     After that we watched a great slide show from Dwayne on some of his recent wildlife photos.
     It was then time for the monthly show case photos. This months photo theme was "Go Green"
Below are the top voted photos. the first photo by Anita Martens was voted top favorite.
All submissions can be found here - March 2017 Photo Showcase
     Remember next months theme for April is Water Droplets. You can send your submission to:
     Remember to name your photo, or submit a name with the photo.
Below are some of the upcoming themes

  • April - Water Droplets
  • May - Flowers
  • September - Beautiful Blur
  • October - Change of Color
  • November - Something Old
  • January - Hoar Frost

Top Voted "My Prince Has Arrived by Anita Martens"

Green Olives by Troy Philbert

Really Green by Dwayne Myers

I'm Green By Karen Hepfner

The Riders by MaryAnn Westgard

See of green by Doug Etherington