April 2017 Club Meeting

     This months club meeting was all about getting ready for our May meeting in which we are going out doors. In may we are going to meet on Sunday May the 28th at 2pm at the Butterfly House and then walk down by the river for our day of shooting. It is then off to Locals for supper at 5. After that any one wanting to go, the club will be heading out to Red Rock Coulee for an evening shot.
     Since we will be doing some night shots, we talked about doing some light painting and also watched some videos on them. Below are the links to the videos we watched:

  • Light Painting Building
  • Light Painting Plane
  • Blending in Photoshop
     After that, Tom showed us to presentations on photos he has taken, and then showed us some HDR photos he has been working on.

     It was then time for our Showcase. Below are the top 4 entries as voted by the club. Spiders Necklace by Olivier was voted top photo.
     All the Showcase Photos can be seen here:
April 2017 Show Case Photos
Spiders Necklace By Olivier Mognard

Rain Drops on Leaf By Dwayne Myers

Spring Buds By Paul Avery

Spring Mist By MaryAnn Westgard