Jan 2018 Club Meeting

     This was our first meeting to start off the New Year.
We started the meeting off with renewing our club memberships.
It was then off to do our photo work shop  which was taking photos of steam.
With this we had a coffee cup set up and then boiled water to create the steam. With a flash set up we were able to capture the steam coming up from the cup.

After that we moved on to our showcase. This meeting we did both the January and the November ones. Below are the results for the top voted photos entered.

November Top Voted Photos:

 Top Voted - Photo By MaryAnn Westgard

Voted 2nd - Photo By Dwayne Myers

Voted 3rd - Photo by Shauna Fockler

Voted 3rd - Photo by Jen North

Voted 3rd - Photo by Karen Hepfner

January Top Voted Photos:

Top Voted - Photo By Dwayne Myers.

Voted 2nd - Photo by Rob Kayfish

Voted 2nd - Photo by Karen Hepfner

Voted 3rd - Photo by MaryAnn Westgard