April 2018 Club Meeting

In this meeting we looked at different ways to trigger an off camera flash.
1 -Some cameras come equipped with a commander mode that uses the pop up flash to send a signal to a speed light.
2 - There are also triggers that can be put on the hot shoe of a camera that can set a speed light off.
Some of these are just a signal so all the settings have to be set in the speed light its self. Below is a link to an example of such a trigger.

3- There are also wireless triggers where you can set the power of the speed light by the transmitter that is attached to the camera. These transmitters give you full control of the speed light including TTL, manual power, and also high speed sync. Below is a link to Godox which make these type of triggers.

Last we looked at this months photo show case. this months theme was "Framed"
All the photos can be found by following the link below: