May 2018 Club Meeting

In this months meeting the members made our own plamps. These are used to hold flowers steady while taking photos of them. Below is a link to examples of a plamp.

We then went outside to try our new plamps taking pictures of flowers either attached to our tripod or anything we could put our plamp on.

This was our last meeting of the summer until September. We came up with a photo scavenger hunt  with the following items to take pics of:

1. An American Licence Plate on a Vehicle
2. Flora and Fauna
3. The Real Medicine Hat
4. A Clown
5. Long Exposure
6. Something That Would Make Your Grandma Laugh
7. Water Sports
8. Abandoned
9. Patterns and Shapes
10. The 1960's Live Here
11. Wrong Place, Wrong Time
12. Ball Player Sliding into Base
13. Fuzzy Caterpillar
14. Portraiture
15. A Hairless Cat

We then went on to our photo show case. The photos can be found by the link below
Septembers photo theme is Water Life