November 2018 Photographer of the Month Dwayne Myers

     It is indeed a pleasure for me to share some of my more recent photos with you. My approach to photography is the KISS - Keep It Simple Silly - method.  I use an all-in-one camera, a Panasonic FZ1000, that has a 25-400-1120 mm Leica lens build in and which feels comfortable in my hand with programmable buttons like set-the-focus area within easy reach of my forefinger or thumb. I use live-view so (mostly) what I see is what I get. My subjects are usually birds, deer, landscapes, wildflowers or other things that just have to have their pictures taken.  I rely on natural lighting as I shoot mainly outdoors or through a window. As well as enjoying the Southern Exposure Photography Club hands-on activities at meetings, I also belong to the Grasslands Naturalists who look after the Nature Centre at Police Point Park and organize many nature neighbourhood walks and Saturday day-trips via car pooling.  

     The old truck photo above in this collection was shot by my friend, Len Moser, but I clicked the shutter (sometimes remotely) on all the rest.  My wife, Carole, has the artistic talent that I lack and dutifully reviews and comments on all my photos that I submit to the Medicine Hat News “weather” pictures. 
     The talented members of the Southern Exposure Photography Club who each have their own own visions often unique from mine inspire me to try to broaden mine.