May 2019 Photographer of the Month Troy Philbert

    I have been shooting since I was about 13 years old way back when film was the only media you could use.  My Mom was the one that got me started into photography more seriously rather than just a point and shoot style. My first camera was an old 110 film kodak instamatic that I purchased at a garage sale for I believe 25 cents (I have no idea why I remember that).
     Since then I have gone through quite a few different cameras over the years, but I think my favorite one is still a film camera, my Hasselblad 500C.   I have been very active some years and some years not at all, but in the end, it is my go-to hobby when I just want to relax and have fun. I still shoot some film from time to time.  
     I will photograph just about anything, but what I have come to realize by putting this together is that I seem to photograph a lot of flowers.  I didn’t even think I liked flowers to be honest, maybe that’s why I burned some!  I have recently gotten one of my daughters excited about photography as well, and once in a while she will come out for an hour or two to spend some time with me.